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Every child has the right to participate in high quality early childhood education 

“Kindergarten provides a stimulating environment with caring teachers and great facilities that are updated and changed to suit various ages and interests. My husband and I have enjoyed watching both our children growing and learning alongside the teaching staff.” - Parent

“We chose kindergarten for our children as we believe it offers a seamless transition to the future school environment, moving from afternoon sessions to mornings, and finally on to school gives our children a sense of achievement and growth; it’s kind of like a rite of passage.” - Parent

“Our children have all advanced socially, physically and emotionally since starting at kindergarten. It has given them so many fun and interactive learning experiences that they otherwise wouldn’t have had. ” - Parent

“We have had one child pass through [kindergarten] and will have our third child enrolled next year. It is a fantastic prep for school, place for creativity and imagination, super teachers and great community. I don’t know what we would do without it.” - Parent

Children and families and whānau are at the heart of what we do. In 2014, we look forward to engaging with our communities and progressing the inspiring teaching and learning that happens in kindergarten every day.

  • Kindergartens have been at the heart of New Zealand communities for over 120 years
  • All teachers are qualified teachers and registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council
  • Kindergartens are centres of excellence and innovation in early childhood education
  • There are over 30 different models of kindergarten to support the needs of families including cultural and language aspirations

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