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Every child has the right to participate in high quality early childhood education

“I first came to kindergarten three years ago with my daughter because we lived across the road. Over the past two years we have had many happy times seeing our daughter grow. The teachers have taken great interest, encouraging her in the areas she loves the most. They made a lovely CD and a WOW Day about her which made us very proud.” - Parent

“The teaching staff are exceptional. There are a variety of teachers and teaching styles. I feel the children are in a safe environment and are talked to with respect. My daughter is very happy attending Kindergarten.” - Parent

“Kindergarten is located in my community. The kindergarten has strong community support and is a social place. I feel welcomed and included when I am there. Many of the children my daughter interacts with at kindergarten will be attending her future school and this was a strong factor in my decision to attend kindergarten. There is a variety of children attending, culturally and economically, and this is important to me.” - Parent

“At kindergarten so many different areas of play are offered to the children. There is a good balance of structured group time in which is good practice for school. The interests of the children are focused on.” - Parent

Children and families and whānau are at the heart of what we do. In 2016, we look forward to engaging with our communities and progressing the inspiring teaching and learning that happens in kindergarten every day.

  • Kindergartens have been at the heart of New Zealand communities for over 120 years
  • All teachers are qualified teachers and registered with the New Zealand Teachers Council
  • Kindergartens are centres of excellence and innovation in early childhood education
  • There are over 30 different models of kindergarten to support the needs of families including cultural and language aspirations




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